Books are magical. They have a way of capturing our essence and getting at our core. Long after we close the pages, books still whisper truths into our live, because words have the power to change us. Whispering Words Design is one way I capture the words that speak to me with each book that I read. Far too often I'm not ready to be done with a book when I've reached the back cover, so creating bookish designs is how I can stay wrapped up in the pages of my favorite novels. 

The Design Process


1. Read

Without reading I wouldn't be able to find my inspiration. I like to read a wide variety of genres, but my favorite genres are science fiction and historical fiction. I've recently started to enjoy biographies and memoirs. 


2. Take Notes

I have several notebooks devoted to journaling about the books I read. I like to talk to the text and reflect on what's speaking to me as I read. Sketching and raw art journaling are two techniques I use while reading. 


3. Design

Aside from reading, creating bookish inspired designs are my favorite part of the process. This way I can stay connected to the words that whisper to me long after a book is done. 


4. Share

The final step in the process is sharing my bookish inspired designs and illustrations for others to enjoy. It's one small way I can help bring light into the world.