20 Bookish Gift Ideas For Dear Ol' Dad

With Father's Day right around the corner many of you might be thinking "what gift should I get for dad this year?" For all of you who have bookworm fathers, below is a list of 20+ gift ideas you can choose from to shower some love on your dear ol' dad. 

1. Book Tent

For the dad who not only loves books but also loves a good adventure. Sold by FieldCandy, £199.00

2. Book Light

This rechargeable, extra-bright book light is the just gift any night time bookworm needs.   Amazon, $17.95

3. MyBookmark 

Help dad show off his inner nerd with these unique, one-of-a-kind handmade bookmarks. Myboomark, $25.00

4. Book Ends 

You can't go wrong with a pair of unique bookends. They will sure add some style to any book shelf. 

  • Fossil T-rex Dinosaur bookends for dino lover. Available at American Museum of Natural History,  $129.99 
  • Stormtroopers bookends for the Star Wars fan on Amazon, $69.99
  • Superman bookend for a dad who's super great! Available on Esty, $34.90

Book Riot recently curated a list of  fifty fabulous bookends for every reader, budget, and taste. Click here to see what they selected. 

5. Banned Book Mug

If your father enjoys a cup of joe every morning then a bookish mug just might be the gift for him! Did I mention it is heat reactive? How fun! from Out of Print Clothing, $12.00

6. Book Postcards

This collection of 100 postcards showcases bold graphic interpretations of 50 of the greatest literary quotes of all time. Amazon, $13.85

7. Subscription to Scribd 

For the dad who enjoys e-books and audiobooks. Scribd, $8.99/month. 

8. Manuscript Pocket Notebook

A great gift for dads who love classic literature and like to write. Manuscriptshop, $6.99

9. Literary Subscription Box 

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Browse through this list of 89 different literary subscription boxes to find the one that best fits your dad's reading preferences. 

10. Flask Book Box

This book box holder is a great gift for dads who need a place to store their flask. from Uncommon Goods, $56.00

11. Literary Matchbook Set

For the dad's who enjoy candles or needs some matches on hand to light the grill this summer.  Out of Print Clothing, $8.00

12. Litographs T-shirt or Poster

Get your dad a Litographs  t-shirt or poster of his favorite book. The entire book is printed on these designs.  Litographs, from $24.00

13. Literary Neckties

What would a Father's Day gift list be without a tie? These literary neckties are sure to be a big hit for tie wearing dads. 

  • Sherlock Holmes Hound of the Baskervilles- Etsy, $24.00
  • Jules Verne 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea- Etsy, $24.00
  • Edger Allen Poe The Raven,  Etsy, $24.00

14. Storymatic

For the dads who like to create their own stories.  Amazon, $29.95

15. Keyboard Waffle Iron

Breakfast just got 100x better. This waffle iron is the perfect gift for the dad who appreciates a good waffle and enjoys text. Keyboard Waffle Iron, $85.00

16. BookBook Macbook Cover

For the "Mac Daddy" in your life.  TwelveSouth, $99.99

17. Book Cutting Board

If your dad likes to cook, then you can't go wrong with this cutting board as a gift. Amazon, $14.37

18. Book Shot Glasses

For the dad who enjoys a good shot of whiskey. Amazon, $15.95

19. Book Chair

This chair is for the dad who spends his days buried in a good book. Brookstone, $79.99

20. Magic Book Clip

This gift is great for the dad who always has his hands full. Sold on Amazon, $7.99

Which one of these Father's Day bookish gift ideas is your favorite? Do you know of a gift that would make a great present that isn't on the list? Let us know in the comment section below.  Enjoy showering your dad with some bookish love!