I'd Rather Be Reading Jane Eyre

A few years ago I gave a friend my copy of Jane Eyre to read. I was happy to share this beautiful work of literature with another reader, but sadly I never got the book back. Every time I take a visit to a used bookstore I'm always on the lookout for a new copy of Jane Eyre to replace the missing hole on my bookshelf. I've come across many copies over the years, but none of them have been elegant enough to serve as a replacement. That is, until Saturday! 


On Saturday morning I woke up and decided I wanted to go out to breakfast and go to the used bookstore downtown. Being a lover of Saturday morning breakfasts and bookstores as well, my husband had no objections. My hope was to find a copy of Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles. I'd just read "Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed" with my students during the week, so I was in the mood for more Bradbury. I knew it would be a long shot because Bradbury is rarely ever in stock at this local bookstore. I naturally looked for Bradbury then when his name was nowhere to be found, I moved on to Brontë. Among a few paperbacks of Jane Eyre was a light green hardcover with beautiful typography on the spin. I instantly fell in love. I mean, just look at it. It's gorgeous. A copy worthy of filling the void on my bookshelf. 


I spent several more minutes looking for other treasures, and then decided it was time to head on home and begin reading Brontë's masterpiece. In true Whispering Words fashion, I was inspired by the elegant cover to create a new design for the shop. I hope you enjoy! And if you've never read Jane Eyre, hop of the site and go to the library and get yourself a copy. Then come back and get yourself some I'd Rather Be Reading Jane Eyre apparel.  You will not be disappointed! 

Free So Many Books, So Little Time Designs

Whispering Words Design.jpg

Wouldn't it be nice if we had an unlimited amount of time to read all the books on our TBR list? Even with such limited time we booklovers still find a way to make time to read. I especially love reading used books. There is something special about reading a book that you know someone else spilled their love all over. This Alice in Wonderland book is one of my favorite used books. The previous owner filled this book with notes and inscriptions. It's neat to see what they found important and meaningful. I also absolutely love the beautiful illustrations. Aren't they gorgeous? 

Whispering Words.jpg

Reading through this gem of a novel inspired a new design. Although the White Rabbit is always fixated on time, he ends up being late quite frequently! It got me thinking about all the time I wish I could devote to books but there never just seems to be enough. 


So Many Books.jpg

Download these designs to add some bookish love to your iPhone! 

So Many Books... Black & White Design 1  // So Many Books... Blue & White Design 1

So Many Books...Black & White Design 2 // So Many Books... Blue & White Design 2 

These designs are supplied from Whispering Words Design and are available for your personal use. You may not use these downloads for professional or commercial use. 

You can also head on over to the shop and get these prints in a wide variety of products. There are tote bags, throw pillows, coffee mugs, iPhone cases, laptop cases, t-shirts, wall prints, and much more! 

Do like reading used books? Do you have a favorite used book?

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