Raging Sea Book Review

I was first introduced to the Undertow trilogy while at the library last year. One of the book publications I read from time to time had an advertisement about upcoming new books to keep an eye out for. The beautiful book cover and the short synopsis of Undertow peaked my interest, so I added the book to my TBR list. I made sure to get a copy when the book was released and ended up reading the entire book in one sitting. It read like an action movie, and I couldn’t put it down. The cliffhanger at the ending left me wanting more.

Raging Sea had a lot to live up to. I spent an entire year waiting to find out the fate of Fathom, Bex, Lyric, her parents, not to mention the entire human race. I dove right on in when the book arrived on my doorstep. The story picks up right where it left off. Bex and Lyric are on the run from the police to locate Tempest, a top secret military base where Lyric’s parents might be imprisoned. The short-fused and quick tempered Alpha girl Arcade tags along to bring destruction on Tempest and set her imprisoned Alpha friends free.

The first half of the book is slower than the second half. Buckley does not spend long passages of text retelling events from Undertow, yet he reminds the reader from time to time about important events from the past. It was refreshing not to have a retelling of what I previously read. Readers who haven’t read Undertow might find themselves confused and uninterested in Raging Sea. You might even want to go back and get a refresher on the last few chapters of Undertow before starting book two in the trilogy. While not as action packed as Undertow, Raging Sea is a good continuation of the story. The cliffhanger at the end is just as gripping. The third book cannot come soon enough.




There are many key elements that make Raging Sea a good novel, which I tried to capture with this moodboard. While there is so much I can say about each specific picture, I will be sure to keep the spoilers at bay.  

  1. Alphas- The former barricade on Coney Island is nothing compared to what the Alphas face behind the closed doors of Tempest. There is much more to this military base than Lyric could have ever imagined. It is here that she must face more than one monster. 
  2. Minerva- The brainwashing and sadistic ways of Minerva continues to cause havoc for the Alphas and humans alike. While her role is brief in Raging Sea, it is apparent she will have a big part to play in the fate of Lyric Walker. 
  3. Abandoned theatre- Along her journey to Tempest, Lyric meets a welcoming clan of loners who invite her to rest. This abandoned theatre becomes a pivotal point in the story. It is here that the rift between the best friend duo begins to widen. Lyric must decide what is most important: staying true to her human ways or becoming more Alpha.  
  4. The Glove- Lyric unleashes her super power any chance that she gets. The cost of this gift begins to take a toll on her. Will the glove prove to be more than she can handle? 
  5. Ferris Wheel- Lyric is forced to return to Coney Island and face a new wave of enemies. We are brought back to the familiar streets of NYC where we first met the Alphas, but so much has changed. 
  6. Undine- Buckley shares more insight on the underwater world. A new, deadly species of sea dwellers appears. Their ability is unlike any the world has seen before. It will take more than an army of humans to defeat this beast and save humanity. 
  7. Lyric- A lot happens to Lyric in these 357 pages. Relationships are tested. Lies are uncovered. And more and more responsibilities are thrust upon her.  Will she be able to control the raging sea of emotions that weigh her down and do what needs to be done?