Whispering Words Design is a place where stories come to life. 

For as long as I can remember words have been a large part of my life. My first word was "book," and my first sentence was "Dad, book read me." My earliest childhood memories are sitting on my father's lap and reading stories together. The delicate pages making the crisp, swoosh sound as my dainty fingers turned the page to reveal new and unknown words. Spending late nights under the bed covers with flashlight in hand become the norm in grade school because my thirst for words needed to be quenched.

My yearning for books continued as I grew and I decided to study English education so that I could impart my passion for the written word to others. I work as a language arts teacher in South East Michigan where I get to spend my days helping students fall in love with reading and writing. There really isn't a better job out there! 

Whispering Words Design was born out of the desire to create illustrations that captured the beauty behind the words I was encountering with each new book I read. I see my graphics as an avenue to bring new light to my favorite words of text. My hope is that everyone who visits this site will be inspired by these words and pass them on to others.